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Introducing Farhan Shahid – Precise Way Pty Ltd

Introducing Farhan Shahid – Precise Way Pty Ltd

19 October 2017 News

Hi I’m Farhan from Precise Way. We are a building works and engineering company working in carpentry, commercial fit-outs, painting and construction.

How did you get into what you do?
I have a civil engineering degree and I was working with a couple of home builders recently. Then I just decided to start working for myself and I had to start somewhere, so I chose individual trades like painting, fit out jobs and carpentry. It’s been very exciting as we’ve been experiencing lots of changes.

What attracted you to the centre?
I was previously working from my home office and started working here around April this year. I’ve been here for four months now. I’ve got a daughter who’s two years old so it can be very hard to work from home. We were starting to get a lot busier and I have about 24 people working for me, so I found the home privacy was being disrupted. That made me realise I needed to move to an office which is where I found Stirling Business Centre would be the ideal option for me.

What do you like most about the centre?
Everything really. It’s peaceful, quiet and very affordable. it’s got everything that my line of business actually needs. The people are very friendly and helpful. There’s an accountant and an IT company so we can all help each other. I like the freedom here too. If I need to stay back late I can and I’ve got a lovely view from my office too. Since we’re in the fairly early stages of business affordability is most important. It also gives us a professional image instead of just being a guy working from his home. My clients can come and visit me and my supervisors and staff can drop by. It’s a nice and convenient meeting place.

What’s in store for the future?
Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will keep going the way we are this year. I’m hoping to pick up a few larger projects next year and grow my business. As this happens and the need for full-time office staff increases, we’d hope to stay at Stirling Business Centre and expand into a larger office.

If you’d like to find out more about Precise Way, check out their website: