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The “Rookies Ambush” Stirling Business Centre

The “Rookies Ambush” Stirling Business Centre

29 April 2021 News
This month we welcomed Josh Horneman and Callan Durlik from Rookies Ambush and the rest of their team as they call Stirling Business Centre ‘home’ over the next few months for their exciting upcoming project. We were able to have a quick chat with Josh to see what they are up to…Who are Rookies Ambush and how did it come about?

Rookies Ambush is a content production company, focusing on film and TV, online storytelling, and branded content campaigns.

Josh and Callan met back in 2015 when Callan wrote the script for “The Naked Wanderer,” starring John Cleese – the first film they made together. They learned a lot from this project and they both saw the opportunity to continue their journeys together – and as such Rookies Ambush was formed.


Why did you choose Stirling Business Centre as your home for the next few months?

Rookies Ambush’s current office is located in Leederville. However due to needing additional space for the production phase of their upcoming project, they reached out to us to see if SBC could fill the gap. Luckily for them (or us!), we had plenty of room for their large cohort of staff and crew. Josh added he was also familiar with the Centre, having spent a lot of time meeting with clients here back in his consulting days. We think it’s great to have a friendly face around!

Now onto the exciting upcoming project…

Josh was delighted to share with us that they are currently filming their new movie “It Only Takes A Night”. The movie is a romantic comedy and focuses on four girlfriends on a night out and the unexpected events that follow.

We’ve been told the film is set in London, however it’s filmed entirely here in WA and mostly in the CBD, Fremantle and within City of Stirling’s very own beachside hub of Scarborough. The film features all Australian actors with Eliza Taylor (“The 100”) starring in the lead role.

Can we expect to be starstruck here in the Centre? Are any of the actors expected to be dropping by?

YES! The costume team is stationed here so we will be seeing the cast popping by once in a while!

Do you need any extra actors for the film? Where do we volunteer?

We couldn’t end the chat without adding this one in! Josh confirmed they will be needing close to 1,000 extras for the movie and will be putting a call out soon on their socials for more details. Exciting!


A big thank you to Josh for taking the time to share more about his exciting new film and why he chose Stirling Business Centre as his base for this next phase in their journey.

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